Denali Seed Company is a home town, family owned business located in Anchorage, AK. We have been selling farm fresh, quality garden seed in Alaska since 1977. Every seed variety we sell has been field tested in Alaska and selected because of it's performance in arctic and sub-arctic regions. This makes our seed perfect for far north and high altitude gardens. We are the only US seed company that every variety we sell will mature in far north and mountainous gardens, some varieties have printed stipulations on the packet of how to grow in far north locations.

Our main goal is providing gardeners with best garden varieities available for cool, short season gardens. Our seed is farm fresh and is of the best quality available. We test the germination of our seed every few months to assure our customers the seed germination far exceeds national standards.

As a small business we work at knowing and understanding our customers. We believe gardening is one of the best ways to improve the quality of the space you live in and provide fresh garden produce in an area where nearly all the produce is shipped in.

To help our gardeners excel when growing gardens in a cool, short season areas, in cold soils and during long summer days our veteran arctic horticulturist wrote "growing tips " for your assistance.


All varieties are performance tested in Alaska to assure customers our varieties are the best available for cool, short season gardens.
Our varieties are also excellent for winter and early & late planting in warm climates.
Our seed is all natural, untreated and not genetically modified.
We sell speciality varieties only available from us that were developed in Alaska.
Most of the seed we sell is heirloom or open pollinated varieties.
We have a nice selection of certified organic seed for far north gardens.
Our germination standards are high.
We are web based and every order recieves special care.
Our seed prices are very competitive in the marketplace.


Our order turn around is quick and shipped from Alaska.
We have a friendly, alert shipping department
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

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