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OUR QUALITY and SELECTION is BETTER THAN EVER. Seed is shipped directly from our warehouse in ANCHORAGE to you and is NEVER EXPOSED to the FUMES from HERBICIDES and other CHEMICALS that can LOWER SEED GERMINATION. We offer NEW SPECIALITY VARIETIES that were not available in the chain stores.

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Since 1977 Denali Seed has supplied garden seed to Alaskan merchants for resale to local gardeners. As of January 1st, 2012 Denali Seed Company has discontinued wholesale garden seed sales. Now Denali Seed may be purchased on our website

NEW Varieties at Denali Seed

"Denali Seed Company, an Alaskan company, has been in Anchorage since 1977 supplying far north gardeners with farm fresh, quality garden seed for short season and cool climate gardens. All varieties from Denali Seed have been field tested in Alaska and are proven performers in arctic and sub-arctic growing conditions."

Alaska's Giant, O-S Cross Cabbage
Fairbanks, Alaska

Denali Seed Company offers heirloom, open pollinated, organic and hybrid seed for flowers, wildflowers, herbs and vegetables that include varieties offered exclusively by Denali Seed that were developed in Alaska for Alaskan gardens. All our seed varieties have been performance tested in Alaska to assure success in Alaskan gardens, arctic gardens, sub-arctic gardens, high altitude gardens, northern gardens and for northern greenhouse gardening. We do not use chemicals on our seed, all our seed is untreated and we DO NOT sell seed for genetically engineered varieties commonly referred to GMO's.

To help gardeners excel when growing a garden in cool, short season areas, in cold soils and during long summer days, our veteran arctic horticulturist wrote "growing tips" for your assistance. You will find gardening articles specific to gardening in Alaska ranging from "Growing a Garden on Permafrost" to "A Guide to Seed Planting Depths when Growing in Cold Soils"and detailed instructions for growing every variety that grows in our far north climate.

Visit Alaska's Botanical Gardens, enjoy garden related activities and join garden clubs in Alaska.

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